Pocket Gaydar

Pocket Gaydar is an app for LGBTQ youth and young adults, many of whom struggle with crippling social anxiety as a result of social pressures forced upon them simply for being themselves. The app was developed to help those who have trouble making friends or finding similar interests in others, as well as to provide a support system for LGBTQ youth across its own unique social platform.

The app is a combination of the social platform and a probability calculator. It is meant to reassure curious people-watchers that someone they are interested in getting to know (as a friend or otherwise) may lead a similar lifestyle to theirs. The calculator works based on percent values that are connected to popular culture, fashion, style, physique, etc. and provides an LGBTQ likelihood percentage to the user.

The goal of the app is to make even the shyest user feel comfortable in any social situation in which they would otherwise feel nervous or even threatened.