At a glance I probably look like any other goal-driven, fun-loving millennial, but under all the FOMO and alternative music I'm actually pretty unique. Born in Miami, I was raised American and socialized Cuban ­­­­­— to this day I never know whether to greet new people with a handshake or with a kiss on the cheek. I've been called a smart-ass by every English teacher I've had since middle school, and I still keep in touch with most of them. I'm relentlessly imaginative and I've dabbled in most of the visual arts through the years, but graphic design is what really drives me.

I am a professional problem solver; I'm always seeking out new challenges and innovative ways to tackle them, and my acute perfectionism is reflected in my work. I have an aversion to being idle, so I explore new skills and information on a constant basis. My current pursuit takes the form of an online class in gastronomy. Did you know that food still continues to cook after you take it off of the heat?

As a college graduate, my work ethic is solid. As a seasoned veteran of Starbucks, I'm damn good with people. As someone who was  simultaneously a full-time student and a full-time employee for five straight years, I think it's safe to say that I know the value of time management and organization. And espresso.

If you find that you have any unanswered questions at the end of this page, feel free to shoot me an email.


This is my resume. It's a color wheel because I'm a designer. Isn't that clever?

I like to think I'm pretty well-rounded.

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